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Welcome. My name is Bill Hunt.

I am a self-employed freelance public relations, digital PR, and social media consultant and website designer based in Brighton and London, UK. I work across diverse sectors including publishing, entertainment, film production, consumer electronics, mental health, online and issues communications.

I specialise in coming up with ideas and then combining digital PR and traditional communications to create campaigns that have clout.

Current clients range from an international financial analytics company to a leading digital marketing agency and mobile technology company. I also work as a consultant for a number of leading PR and marketing agencies.

Click on the right to read about the services I offer, or for a run-down of some previous campaigns.

Click here to read the latest news, and drop me a line if you’d like to discuss working together.

Enjoy your visit.

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September 30th 2014
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MBAs from £4000 from the Online Business School

An online business school is revolutionising business education by offering routes to undergraduate degrees and MBAs costing a student as little as £4,000 - while also enabling them to study “anywhere at anytime”. The Online Business School (OBS), founded by distance-learning pioneer John Holden, provides ‘pay-as-you-go’ pathways to business degrees and ...
November 11th 2011
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Meet Lytro’s Light Field Camera, for ‘Living Pictures’

Pictured above is Lytro's new Light Field camera, which doesn't look like any camera on the market. And, being the only camera to focus after you've taken the picture, it doesn't work like other cameras either. With pictures produced on the Light Field Camera, the photographer doesn't have to wait ...
November 10th 2011
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Rocket Fuel UK investigates the role of environment vs audience in effective brand advertising

On Tuesday I went to a breakfast debate hosted by the lovely people at Rocket Fuel UK. For those unfamiliar, Rocket Fuel is a real-time ad targeting company whose technology combines all data-driven targeting techniques, from behavioural to contextual, into one system that automatically adapts campaigns in real time to ...
July 29th 2011
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11 useful business apps for freelance and mobile workers

One of the advantages of working as a freelance consultant is being able to work from anywhere. This allowed me to live and work in Munich last year, and my favourite spots nearby now include the table outside the pub downstairs, a nice cafe down the road, and the magnificent reading room ...
April 14th 2011
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Wolves In Store a “Bad Idea” Admits Mothercare

http://www.billjhunt.com/01%20Fountains%20of%20Wayne%20-%20Utopia%20Parkway.mp3 http://www.billjhunt.com/01%20Oh%20No.mp3 http://www.billjhunt.com/02%20-%20sovay.mp3 http://www.billjhunt.com/03%20-%20a%20nervous%20tic%20motion%20of%20the%20head%20to%20the%20left.mp3 http://www.billjhunt.com/09%20Waverley%20Steps.mp3


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