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As well as targeting traditional media who have an online presence, there’s a whole host of other clever ways to both get the word out about your campaign on the net, as well as creating genuinely exciting brand experiences for audiences who have become understandably cynical of conventional marketing. Most marketers now realise that experience is the brand, and the customer is in control.

There are also nifty ways of pushing your campaign or website up the search engine rankings, or bringing a campaign to life using social media.

As I’ve got to grips with the online world, there’s one thing that has struck me repeatedly: there’s a fair number of ‘online specialists’ around who charge a small fortune to blind clients with science and, frankly, talk utter twaddle.

If someone tries to prove their SEO skills by suggesting you search for “jaded listless sexual appetite of a 60-year old colonel” and then points triumphantly when their site comes up number one on google, call them an idiot and suggest they resume their career as an estate agent.

There will always be those who are keen to keep that blue smoke rolling over the surface of those highly polished mirrors.

As well as marketing my own clients online, I’ve come up with digital plans for brands including Speedo, Discovery Networks Europe, Deutsche Grammophon, Sellaband and Piczo while working with Cohn & Wolfe.

July 2nd 2016
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Hendy Ford in Fareham Review

My friend Fiona has some good advice: So I went to collect my "fixed" car today, well the tyres are fixed but.... The glove box is now broken, the inside trim isn't flush, there is a scratch on the inside door, and there is still rust on the window wipers. Not ...
May 25th 2016
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Taking Bank Holidays Costs UK Small Businesses Over £2,500 Each Year

The month of May sees two Bank Holidays (2nd and 30th May), but British small business owners stand to lose an average of £506[1] during May and £2,163[2] annually by choosing not to operate and instead take the extra day’s rest over long weekends. A study of 1,500 UK small business owners by Yell Business reveals that ...
November 18th 2015
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An interview with Ty Jeffries aka Miss Hope Springs

Miss Hope Springs will be performing her Christmas show Now it’s Christmas Time at Brighton's Komedia on Tuesday 8th December. Last year’s show, which has been described as 'a glittering glimpse of vintage Vegas’ was completely sold out. Miss Hope has had rave reviews, as well as winning Best Cabaret Brighton Fringe ...
June 18th 2015
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Alex Reid launches Alma Juicing Retreats

Alex Reid, the former cage fighter - who was married to Katie Price from 2010 to 2012 - has set up the Alma Juicing Retreat in Marbella, Spain and is using his expert knowledge of health and fitness to help people get in shape and achieve their weight loss goals. The ...
September 30th 2014
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MBAs from £4000 from the Online Business School

An online business school is revolutionising business education by offering routes to undergraduate degrees and MBAs costing a student as little as £4,000 - while also enabling them to study “anywhere at anytime”. The Online Business School (OBS), founded by distance-learning pioneer John Holden, provides ‘pay-as-you-go’ pathways to business degrees and ...


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