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“Social computing is not a fad. Nor is it something that will pass you or your company by. Gradually, social computing will impact almost every role, at every kind of company, in all parts of the world.”
Forrester Research, Social Computing – How Networks Erode Institutional Power, and what to do about it.

The online PR and social media sectors continue to grow rapidly. Despite this, it’s a confusing area, with no clear differentiation between what can be described variously as online PR, social media marketing or digital PR, and of course SEO, which is now an essential component of any integrated PR campaign. Nonetheless, many clients have simply come to the conclusion that an opportunity exists to reach their audiences – somehow – using the Internet.

Despite the lack of definitions in the sector, most brand owners are beginning to take their online presence seriously. There’s little doubt over the power and accelerating popularity of Internet sites that allow consumers to share views and experiences about products and services.

Conversations are going on about brands on a daily basis. Whether you choose to take part is up to you, but social media or ‘peer-to-peer’ communications is the powerful and trusted behaviour changer in existence, which is why many marketers and brand owners are recognising the value of this form of direct engagement.

I’m often called in as a consultant to help both PR agencies and clients come up with digital strategies for new or ongoing campaigns, acting as their in-house digital PR department, while helping them to avoid the associated costs of a traditional in-house team.

Having designed websites since 2003 – most of which have excellent google rankings, I’m confident I can help advise on most aspects of a brand’s online presence.

My digital PR and social media consultancy services include:

Digital strategy & Ideas Generation
– for new or existing campaigns
Online crisis management

Social Media
Brand audits
Social media profiling
Campaign or company branded YouTube channels
Branded Twitter feeds

Online PR
Social media news releases
Online media relations
Blogger outreach
Word-of-mouth campaigns
Online competitions and promotions

Websites & Blogs
Cost-effective website design and build
Search engine optimisation (for websites & social media collateral)
Campaign microsites
Blog strategy, creation and training

Content Creation and seeding
Podcasts and vodcasts
Video production
Event photography

Issues monitoring
Brand and buzz monitoring
Blog monitoring
Brand audits

Social media / digital workshops

January 27th 2019
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27th January Marks Holocaust Memorial Day

I'm privileged to have worked as photographer for the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. Holocaust Memorial Day is the day for everyone to remember the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution, and in the genocides which followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur. [video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video] In addition to ...
May 25th 2016
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Taking Bank Holidays Costs UK Small Businesses Over £2,500 Each Year

The month of May sees two Bank Holidays (2nd and 30th May), but British small business owners stand to lose an average of £506[1] during May and £2,163[2] annually by choosing not to operate and instead take the extra day’s rest over long weekends. A study of 1,500 UK small business owners by Yell Business reveals that ...
September 30th 2014
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MBAs from £4000 from the Online Business School

An online business school is revolutionising business education by offering routes to undergraduate degrees and MBAs costing a student as little as £4,000 - while also enabling them to study “anywhere at anytime”. The Online Business School (OBS), founded by distance-learning pioneer John Holden, provides ‘pay-as-you-go’ pathways to business degrees and ...
November 11th 2011
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Meet Lytro’s Light Field Camera, for ‘Living Pictures’

Pictured above is Lytro's new Light Field camera, which doesn't look like any camera on the market. And, being the only camera to focus after you've taken the picture, it doesn't work like other cameras either. With pictures produced on the Light Field Camera, the photographer doesn't have to wait ...
November 10th 2011
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Rocket Fuel UK investigates the role of environment vs audience in effective brand advertising

On Tuesday I went to a breakfast debate hosted by the lovely people at Rocket Fuel UK. For those unfamiliar, Rocket Fuel is a real-time ad targeting company whose technology combines all data-driven targeting techniques, from behavioural to contextual, into one system that automatically adapts campaigns in real time to ...


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