Hendy Ford in Fareham Review

My friend Fiona has some good advice:

So I went to collect my “fixed” car today, well the tyres are fixed but…. The glove box is now broken, the inside trim isn’t flush, there is a scratch on the inside door, and there is still rust on the window wipers. Not to mention that they lied to me about how they fixed the satnav and told me that they only had to press the reset button on the screen… Funny how the glove box and trim got broke then!! It’s now back in for the 14th time.

I would strongly recommend that no one uses Hendy Ford in Fareham. Car has been sent back to them for the 13th time for the same repairs each time (under warranty), never any hire cars available, have told me this morning that it is now apparently fixed and must go pick it up today otherwise be charged. Not impressed and worst customer service ever!

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