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JAPANFILMS is backed by some big names from the worlds of film and finance. We've brought what we know about finance to some of the most creative talents in the film business.

We're a British film production company that is passionate about promoting and developing British talent, high production values are top of the list. No wonder “TU£SDAY” has such a cracking cast. We're fortunate that many of the most creative and talented people in the business want to work with JAPANFILMS.

Our first production was a short film - “Devilwood”. It won awards, broadcasting contracts and is now being developed into a major UK television series.

Building on that success, "Tuesday" brings together an international, award-winning cast and crew, all committed to making quality British cinema.

JAPANFILMS is now moving into pre-production and development on a host of feature films starring some of the best international acting talent.