Turning Heads to help launch the Peugeot 308CC

As creative director on this campaign for Peugeot, we had 308 ‘nude’ people descend upon London – appearing at key iconic sites & transport hubs, with an extra push during the morning and afternoon rush-hour.

The day long stunt was designed to generate word of mouth around the launch of the new Peugeot 308CC and the nudes wore scarves to bring to life the USP of the car – an innovative Airwave Neck Heating System that keeps the driver warm whatever the weather.

During the day the Nudes handed out small business cards to create intrigue and drive consumers to a temporary microsite revealing the new Peugeot 308 CC, which was hosted at nudeinascarf.com.

The website was on countdown until 3.08pm, when the link between the nudes and Peugeot was revealed and the 308CC was unveiled.

As of June 2009, we had going on for 34,000 views of our flickr pictures, and nearly 160,000 views of our YouTube videos.

The nude in the scarf Youtube channel was the number one viewed channel in the UK and the seventh viewed globally:

#64 – Most Subscribed (This Month) – Reporters
#14 – Most Viewed (Today)
#1 – Most Viewed (Today) – Reporters
#7 – Most Viewed (Today) – Reporters – Global
#4 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Reporters
#57 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Reporters – Global
#93 – Most Viewed (This Month) – Reporters-Global

As well as staging the ‘reveal’ on a Facebook page we set up, we also worked with our friends at Realwire to spread the news online. It’s fair to say their release distribution resulted in a list of coverage longer than your arm. Well, certainly my short, stubby arm anyway.

January 27th 2019
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27th January Marks Holocaust Memorial Day

I'm privileged to have worked as photographer for the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. Holocaust Memorial Day is the day for everyone to remember the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution, and in the genocides which followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur. [video width="640" height="360" mp4="http://www.muddyclay.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/HMD3.mp4"][/video] In addition to ...
May 25th 2016
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Taking Bank Holidays Costs UK Small Businesses Over £2,500 Each Year

The month of May sees two Bank Holidays (2nd and 30th May), but British small business owners stand to lose an average of £506[1] during May and £2,163[2] annually by choosing not to operate and instead take the extra day’s rest over long weekends. A study of 1,500 UK small business owners by Yell Business reveals that ...
September 30th 2014
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MBAs from £4000 from the Online Business School

An online business school is revolutionising business education by offering routes to undergraduate degrees and MBAs costing a student as little as £4,000 - while also enabling them to study “anywhere at anytime”. The Online Business School (OBS), founded by distance-learning pioneer John Holden, provides ‘pay-as-you-go’ pathways to business degrees and ...
November 11th 2011
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Meet Lytro’s Light Field Camera, for ‘Living Pictures’

Pictured above is Lytro's new Light Field camera, which doesn't look like any camera on the market. And, being the only camera to focus after you've taken the picture, it doesn't work like other cameras either. With pictures produced on the Light Field Camera, the photographer doesn't have to wait ...
November 10th 2011
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Rocket Fuel UK investigates the role of environment vs audience in effective brand advertising

On Tuesday I went to a breakfast debate hosted by the lovely people at Rocket Fuel UK. For those unfamiliar, Rocket Fuel is a real-time ad targeting company whose technology combines all data-driven targeting techniques, from behavioural to contextual, into one system that automatically adapts campaigns in real time to ...


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