W1 by Raymond Weil

w1a W1 by Raymond Weil

To help launch Raymond Weil’s W1 range to a young affluent audience, we built a campaign themed around London’s fashionable W1 postal area.

I worked with the chairman of the British Inline Association to recruit a team of good looking, proficient rollerbladers and dressed them in skin tight branded body stockings. They performed stunts and handed out leaflets in high traffic areas around the City and West End and in Selfridges on launch day.

With a team of cop spotters at each location, we arrived in a sleek branded vehicle, the team jumped out, performing by the light of a row of aircraft landing lights, accompanied by a pounding sound system and an industrial smoke machine. The w1 logo was cast onto nearby buildings using a powerful projector.

Alongside the guerrilla campaign we hosted a high profile celebrity party at Browns Club and visited magazine fashion journalists and stylists to show them the watch range and offer them for upcoming shoots.

August 25th 2015
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The life of a freelance PR

So today I got shafted by an organisation called NASE - the National Association for the Self-Employed. In ironic circumstances, their CEO, Philip Bell, is refusing to pay an invoice for work carried out back in June, which up until today had not been disputed. And today, when I chase the payment, ...
June 18th 2015
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Alex Reid launches Alma Juicing Retreats

Alex Reid, the former cage fighter - who was married to Katie Price from 2010 to 2012 - has set up the Alma Juicing Retreat in Marbella, Spain and is using his expert knowledge of health and fitness to help people get in shape and achieve their weight loss goals. The ...
June 9th 2015
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Introducing NASE – the Association for the Self Employed

A new business association has launched to represent the nation’s self-employed. The new Association for the Self Employed (NASE) is a not-for-profit membership organisation that has been established to represent nearly five million UK residents who run their own businesses. The purpose of the organisation is twofold – first, to help ...
September 30th 2014
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MBAs from £4000 from the Online Business School

An online business school is revolutionising business education by offering routes to undergraduate degrees and MBAs costing a student as little as £4,000 - while also enabling them to study “anywhere at anytime”. The Online Business School (OBS), founded by distance-learning pioneer John Holden, provides ‘pay-as-you-go’ pathways to business degrees and ...
November 11th 2011
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Meet Lytro’s Light Field Camera, for ‘Living Pictures’

Pictured above is Lytro's new Light Field camera, which doesn't look like any camera on the market. And, being the only camera to focus after you've taken the picture, it doesn't work like other cameras either. With pictures produced on the Light Field Camera, the photographer doesn't have to wait ...


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