Welcome to your city…

…an invitation to participate in a multi-disciplinary project and see your ideas about London in Selfridges’ Wonder Windows..

House of Jonn (Creatives in Residence at the Hospital Club 2010) are teaming up with aberrant architecture (V&A+RIBA Architecture Residents at the Victoria & Albert Museum) to create London’s first architectural pop-up residency, a piece of performance architecture staged live at Selfridges on Oxford Street. From 15th-28th June, in coordination with the London Festival of Architecture, they will turn the window space into a temporary studio and work there ‘in residence’ to build a large-scale cityscape installation. They will be collaborating with Alex Shepherd (Visual Artist in Residence at the Hospital Club 2010) and Simon Burrill (Filmmaker in Residence at the Hospital Club 2009) to bring this city to life.

From 15 to 28 June, the Selfridges’ iconic facade will become home
to multi-disciplinary installation, Welcome to Your City, inspired by

The combined work will see conversations with members of the public turned into customized shoebox housing units. Each one of these micro-homes will represent something about each contributing passer-by. Over the course of the installation, these will be placed together to create a model city which will grow and intensify as it welcomes more and more inhabitants.

The collaboration will also be joined by Alex Shepherd (Visual Artist in Residence 2010) and Simon Burrill (Filmmaker in Residence 2009) to further bring the city to life.

Laurelene Chambovet, Philanthropic Manager, The Hospital Club comments,“ It’s great to see creatives from totally different disciplines coming together to collaborate and it’s not every day that you have the chance to form a part of an evolving artwork on one of the busiest streets in London!”

Says Jordan Hodgson of House of Jonn, “We hope to explore how the residency concept can expand beyond its museum/members club setting and taken out into the public realm in order to engage with as broad a cultural territory as possible.”

So if you’d like your thoughts immortalized – for a couple of weeks at any rate – then click on the link below and tell the creative team a personal story or submit an image or video clip. www.thehospitalclub.com/socialsite/competitions


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