‘Winston Churchill’ to attend Northampton auction to reclaim his spectacles ‘for Great Britain’

The world’s oldest independent eyewear company, and makers of glasses for Sir Winston Churchill are to attend the auction of a pair of Sir Winston’s glasses by Northamptonshire auctioneers JP Humbert on 16 March, and are sending ‘Sir Winston’ in an attempt to get his glasses back.

The Sir Winston look-a-like will attend the auction – in authentic period dress – in a hope to ‘reclaim’ the glasses.

The auction catalogue describes the reading spectacles as being made made in 1954 for the former prime minister who was often seen wearing the distinctive glasses when speaking in public.

The company owner commented: “These glasses are an iconic piece of British history. When we discovered that they were going on sale, we were keen to come along to the auction – with ‘Sir Winston’ – to bid on the glasses in the hope of ensuring they will remain in the UK to be enjoyed by many future generations”.

The discovery of three lost Royal Warrants in 2009 inspired him to revive the name and launch a brand new collection inspired by Sir Winston Churchill’s frames.


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